How To Play

RICH HOPS will have 25 live tour auctions every month (you don’t have to place the highest bid), you can win a tour for as low as $10.

Also if you are not interested in auctions, you can buy any tour by paying its full amount.

It's Auction. It's all about who will win.

Should you place the highest bid?

NO. Our auctions are not won by placing the highest bid.

So, how does it work?

Start with buying bids from our BUY BIDS section. Don't miss to see our special offers if any.

Once you have bids in your account, choose your favorite tour from the available live auctions.

Click on BID button present at the tour. Thats it.

You can see the price of the tour has changed by only 1 Penny. Yes, ONE PENNY ($0.01) only.

After your bid & the price change, if you see the price changes again, then it means someone else has placed a bid, like how you did.

You can again place a bid to be in position to win the auction.

Our bid or auction timer will decide the winner.

Then who is the WINNER?

If you are the last bidder & the BID Timer countdown reaches 0 sec, then you are the winner. Simple!!?!

Our tours are very good, intact, definitely good, because you are also bidding. So like you, you can expect many other bidder at a given time bidding for the same tour.

If a winner is not decided by the bid timer, then Auction Timer will decided.

If the Auction Timer reaches 0 secs & irrespective of the bid time status, the last bidder will be the Winner.

How to Buy Bid?

You can buy minimum 2 bids for as low as $1 & maximum of 2000 bids!

We regularly run offers. For example for when you buy 10 bids it will cost you $5 & you will get additional 6 bids.

All payments are through PayPal only.

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Hum, how does bid timer work?

Once a bid is placed on a tour the BID TIMER will reset & starts to countdown from 120 sec to 0 sec. This can be seen next to the BID button of the tour.

The reset & countdown happens every time when a new bid is placed on that tour by any member.

If you are the last bidder & the BID TIMER reached 0 sec, then you are the winner.

Ok, how does the auction timer work?

When we create the tour auction we will set the start date & time & end date & time. This is the auction timer.

Generally our auctions are set to run for 1 week. When the auction begins the countdown starts & proceeds to count till 0 sec.

In between if there is no winner decided by BID TIMER then whoever is the last bidder when AUCTION TIMER reaches 0 sec, they will become the winner.

Finally what you pay?

If you are the winner, then —
Pay the final displayed tour price + documents shipping charges (to reach you) + taxes if applicable. Example, if the final tour price at the end of auction is $10.60 & the documents shipping cost is $25. You pay total $35.60 & might have won tour worth $20,000, which will definitely include your flight tickets & paid hotel itinerary. On top of this you might have already paid for bids pack to participate in the bidding, if not you wouldn't have been the winner.

If you do not win, then —
If you have purchased the 10 bids pack which will cost $5 & did not win a tour, then you have lost only $5. If you have purchased only 2 bid for $1, then you have lost only $1.

This is simply an entertainment shopping. Enjoy your game, try to win tour(s). There is no limit on how many bids you buy, how many tours you bid & how many tours you will win.